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Eco-boards Everland
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Eco-boards Everland

$ 55-64 /piece  wholesale
Delivery terms: FCA any city of Ukraine
Оськін Денис Геннадійович, директор
Flagma member since 22 October 2018

We propose to consider the possibility of cooperation in the supply of plastic sheets TM Everland.
The production technology of the product, like the product itself, is unique and has no analogues.
Sheets TM Everland is extremely versatile, which makes it possible to use them in different directions:

Interior and facades; facades; wall decoration; laminate flooring; terraces;

Agriculture and water management fences, enclosures and housing for animals, hives and cages, greenhouses, water barriers, barriers and sections for growing fish;

Furniture industry interior and exterior furniture: outdoor, park, garden furniture, cabinets and benches in locker rooms, storage boxes and tools, cellular cabinets for shops;

Construction formwork, permanent formwork, temporary building structures, moisture barriers for cellars, basements and pools, ventilation shafts, temporary building structures and trailers;

Alternative energy solutions for the construction of alternative energy facilities, a platform for mounting solar panels on the roof of buildings, etc .;

Sports facilities and playgrounds; elements of sports facilities, playgrounds, outdoor jumps and skate boards;

Ground transportation: protective elements of the sides and floorings of trailers and pickups, elements of furniture and car body houses, protective panels for vans;

Sea and river transport elements of the sides of ships of yachts and boats, deck elements most in contact with water, holds and cabin furniture;

Given that our product is unique and not influenced by the environment, its scope of application is limitless.
Now we are exporting products to England, Holland, France, USA, New Zealand.
Looking forward to cooperating LLC Everland

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